Bradley Clark Band Wins Album of the Year!

30 Apr 2016

Bradley Clark Band Wins Album of the Year

Crest Recording’s own Bradley Clark Band wins Christian/Gospel Album of the Year at the IMEA Awards! This is a huge accomplishment and we are very proud. BCB was nominated in three categories: Christian/Gospel Group of the Year, Song of the Year, and they took home Album of the Year for ‘Hold On’.

Bradley was asked in an interview what this means to him and his group. “It’s just amazing to have been nominated. BCB has gone through some tremendous trials. When Hold On was released, we had some traction going in with our single releases, but still no one expected us to do anything. Then we had some personnel changes and other set backs…when I found out we were even nominated, I was so excited!”

Bradley wasn’t able to go to the show as he was on location filming Building a Difference (he’s a co-host of this hit TV show) and had some personal appearances. He was picked up in Missouri by his younger brother and his family on their way down to vacation in Florida. Bradley and family got the news on a stop in Calhoun Georgia. “When we pulled into Calhoun all I wanted to do was get to a TV or get my laptop on WiFi. I heard one of the categories I was nominated in, and can’t remember which, but the award went another artist. Then they got to Album of the Year. The presenter opened up the envelope and just as he said Hold On we lost the feed! I started jumping around the hotel room, bear hugged my brother, then he mentioned that maybe the guy just said hold on because he could’t get the envelope open. My heart just sank. So I called the manager of one of my friend’s and colleagues that were also nominated and asked if he would get a hold of my friends who where at the show. He texted Viki Jordan of Jordan Murray Band and then he called me back and confirmed that BCB had won. My brother and I just about got us kicked out of the hotel because we woke up just about all of the people! It was something I’ll never forget and to be able to share it with my brother made it that much more special.”